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8 December 2019 in USB Flash Drives | USB Memory Sticks

We offer a number of presentation boxes and pouches to accompany our USB flash drives. If required, these can be added at time of purchase directly from our listings.

Pouches and boxes can be combined as required. Some popular versions are available pre-bundled and discounted in our hearts category.

Our current range is shown below:


Heart Flash Drive and Gift Box  

Black Gift Box

Heart Flash Drive and Flip Box

Black Flip Box

Heart Flash Drive and Kraft Gift Box

Kraft Gift Box (shown with rope rose pouch)


Flash Drive with Blue Heart Pouch  

Blue Heart Pouch

Flash Drive with Pink Heart Pouch

Pink Heart Pouch

Heart Flash Drive with Button Pouch

Button Pouch

Blue Pouch and Flash Drive

Blue Pouch

Green Pouch and Flash Drive

Green Pouch

Heart Flash and Grey Velour Pouch

Grey Velour Pouch

Heart Flash Drive and Linen Pouch

Linen Pouch

Heart Flash Drive with Rope Rose Pouch

Rope Rose Pouch

 Heart Flash Drive with Hessian Pouch 

Hessian Pouch


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