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Ever find yourself on a long car or plane journey and realise you are running out of battery in your phone or tablet? Or at a festival with only 1% of battery life left, but really wanting to phone your best friend later when their favourite band is playing? Well fret no more; our new glittery stick power bank is here! This small and stylish highly portable charger can be used to juice up your mobile when no mains power is available. It works a bit like rechargeable batteries! You charge it up at home and then carry it around with you for power on the go. One full charge will full replenish an iPhone 4 battery almost two times over. Also available in Pink or Silver.
Supplied With
  • Sparkly Blue medium capacity 2600 mAh Power Bank Li-Ion Battery
  • Combination charging lead compatible with iPhones 1-4, iPhone 5, Micro-USB
  • Can also be used to charge any other devise that uses a USB port!
  • Connect your Power Bank to the mains using the Micro USB part of the cable provided and charge for 5 hours for maximum charging capacity.
  • When required, connect your phone or other USB compatible device using the required lead and away you go!
  • To check if the powerbank is charged, click the square button to light up the blue LED charge indicator.
This power bank has a medium capacity of 2600mAh. This approximates to 2.6amp hours of charging. As an iPhone battery only has a capacity of 1420mAh you may think you would get almost two refills, but unfortunately the charge process does not work on a 1:1 ratio. Beware of anyone who tells you it does! You will, however, get one full charge with some left over for a quick top-up.
This brilliant little device is something we are proud of, so unlike other sellers on the market we offer a one year guarantee – and we are so confident of them you can also have a 28 days no quibble return.
Tech Specs
  • Cell Type: Li-ion Battery
  • Input: DC 5V-1000MA via Micro-USB
  • Output: DC 5V – 1000MA via USB-2.0
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Volume: 21 x 21 x 94mm
  • Weight: 90g
  • Working Temperature: -10 degrees to 40 degrees
  • Storage Temperatures: -20 degrees to 50 degrees
  • Conforms to Standard: GB 4943-2011
Product Code: POW004B
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