Genuine 2gb capacity.
  • Banana Memory Mate

  • Capacity
  • Pouch
  • Gift Box
Who doesn't like bananas? We love them. In fact they are our favourite fruit. They taste great, give you energy and are a source of endless amusement in cartoons and clown sketches. We love them so much we fashioned a memory stick in their honour!
Memory Mate supplied with
  • FREE Strap/Lanyard (ideal for students)
  • Black carry pouch
  • Free, super-fast 1st class delivery by a genuine UK seller
Use it for
  • 2GB: 500 groovy tunes, 1000 holiday snaps (approx)
  • 8GB: 2000 groovy tunes, 4000 holiday snaps (approx)
  • Moving or backing up your data
  • A present
  • Paying respect to the king of fruit!
Technical stuff
  • 94 x 18 x 30mm
  • USB 2.0 (backward compatible)
  • Read speed 12mbps
  • Write speed 5mbps
  • Voltage 2.7 - 3.6V
  • For PC & MAC
  • Instant plug & play
  • 10 year data retention
  • Fully CE Certified
  • ROHS compliant, (no hazardous substances)
This memory mate is backed up by our super-long one-year guarantee – something you won’t find on most USB flash drives. We will swap out anything you find a fault with and will even refund your return postage.
We are so confident that you will like our USB flash drives that we offer a 14-day no quibble returns policy on our entire novelty range. If you don’t like any item we have supplied, simply post it back to us and we will refund your hard-earned money - all we ask is that you pay for the stamp. This won't cost you a bomb because we are based in the UK!
We promise that all of our memory mates will operate to their stated capacity, unlike some naughty 'upgraded' models of USB flash drive that are available.
A word of caution
Memory mates are NOT toys, but look so great that they may be attractive to small children. Because they are quite small, please keep them out of harms way.
Product Code: N003